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Poster: Ole Uncle John Date: Mar 5, 2005 11:33am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Live Dead run Missing

Sorry to see that your annoyed that we're annoyed. I don't mean to be insulting and I have no idea whether you are familiar with the history of the band in question, but this new policy is a major sea change of 40 years of understood "When we are done with the music you can have it". Thru out their entire history the Grateful Dead allowed taping and trading of shows. First unofficially than finally as written official policy. Now this is beginning to be taken away from us. For example if Dan Healy , the bands late sound guy, let some folks plug into the soundboard 20 years ago knowing that they were going to make tapes for friends and others and now we are told to stop this free distribution it IS a BIG DEAL. The taping was always a win-win situation as the band never would have become what they were without the free advertising (have you ever listened to their early albums?) and we got something to take with us from the shows we paid to see. It’s even harder to take when it happens after those who were the greatest proponents of free taping are dead and gone.
LAMA is easily the greatest resource for live music on the web (In fact I think it is why Al Gore invented it) and I'm not meaning at all to criticize LAMA or the administrators . However if they have more information than us regarding shows being pulled I hope they'll share it.

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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Mar 5, 2005 9:15pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Live Dead run Missing

Taping and trading of Dead tapes is still allowed AFAIK. There is no sea change on that. It would be *much* bigger news if there were a change in that regard, heh.

Likewise, I'd be surprised if there were any sea change re LMA. Speaking now of the "regular" LMA collection, plenty of other bands have communicated policies specific to having music (or not having music) in the LMA, apart from general fan taping and trading. Some say NO to LMA even if fan-fan trading and downloading is still OK as always (eg, MMW). Some update their LMA-specific notes over time (eg, Kimock, a few times now).

Should we be surprised if there were a similar situation with the Dead? The tides would be flowing normally for here.

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